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In the heart of Chelstone..

A technological oasis has emerged that caters to the aspirations of tech aficionados and gaming enthusiasts alike. SPI Creative Tech, a dynamic computer services and accessories store, has redefined the landscape by seamlessly merging high-end custom PCs with an immersive PC gaming lounge experience. Spearheaded by the visionary Piscay Jones, SPI Creative Tech is more than a store; it’s a gateway to the future of technology and gaming. We visited their store and gaming lounge, and left with admiration and a heavy dose of PCMR aura.

images by Piscay Jones

A PC enthusiast’s Odyssey

The story of SPI Creative Tech is intimately tied to the passion and determination of its founder, Piscay Jones. His journey started around 2012 when he began on a quest to transform ordinary PCs into gaming powerhouses. Starting with revamping HP OEM computers that he upgraded with better power supplies and graphic cards, Piscay’s journey is a testament to his unyielding dedication to enhancing the gaming experience.

His creations didn’t remain hidden for long. Piscay began showcasing his custom PC builds on Facebook. As the spotlight shone on his handiwork, Lusaka business professionals and enthusiasts took notice, prompting them to seek his expertise in creating bespoke systems tailored to their unique needs. Currently SPI Creative Tech delivers throughout Lusaka, and on orders above K10,00 delivery is free.

images by Piscay Jones

PCs to a Gaming Revolution

The evolution of SPI Creative Tech wasn’t solely about hardware – it was about transforming how people perceive gaming. Piscay’s journey was propelled by his longing for an immersive visual experience, as he searched for a system that could play the most demanding games. The same passion drives the gaming lounge he established. High-end PC’s are all you see in his gaming lounge, no Playstation or Xbox can be found here. Piscay wants to go beyond mere gaming stations, by giving gamers a PC gaming lounge delivering an unparalleled level of visual fidelity and frames. You can play games at his lounge in awesome PCMR frames and visuals.

Our enthusiast gamers encounter a world brimming with high-end ASUS ROG PCs – a brand with a special place in Piscay’s heart. These systems are meticulously assembled by the man himself to accommodate the latest AAA titles, ensuring smooth gameplay. The gaming lounge isn’t just a place to play games; it’s a sanctuary for those who appreciate the art of gaming and the power of technology. It also unaplogetically reeks of PCMR, and for that we love it!

Gaming Lounge PC Specs (at time of this post)

 SPI Creative Tech’s gaming lounge has introduced an innovative concept that transcends the limitations of gaming platforms. The platform-agnostic nature of PC gaming has erased the divide between PlayStation and Xbox, offering a unified experience where players can use their preferred controllers without compromise. The spirit of competition and collaboration now thrives within a single space, fostering a sense of unity among gamers. This inclusive approach is something we can all appload!

images by Piscay Jones

Piscay Jones’ journey is far from over; it’s a constant evolution. SPI Creative Tech’s future envisions not just a store, but a community hub. He wants to begin hosting eSports tournaments, interactive workshops, and even virtual reality experiences. Piscay’s vision extends beyond commerce – it’s about nurturing a community where technology, creativity, and camaraderie coalesce.

In Chelstone, Lusaka, SPI Creative Tech stands as an embodiment of innovation, technology, and gaming luxury. Piscay Jones’ relentless pursuit of PCMR nirvana has given birth to a haven where the realms of custom PCs and immersive gaming converge. As our gaming community step into this realm, they aren’t just experiencing cutting-edge technology – they’re becoming part of a movement that celebrates the union of passion, gaming, and shared experiences.

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