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A group of friends, a vision to promote anime, comics, and gaming, and so Nerd|Otaku was born! We have been welcoming people of all backgrounds, flavours, interests, and shapes. The goal in our geek community is to create an environment that stimulates acceptance and inclusion while encouraging a multitude of interests and talents.

Our quest to spread this message has invigorated an entire community of people, each with their own interests and passions. Some amongst us go to great lengths to do THE perfect cosplay at get-togethers, the biggest being our annual LScon. Others are passionate artists who are building a local comic scene which addresses our African culture and the lack of identity consciousness in us as Zambians and Africans. Our otaku (obsessive and knowledgeable) group of anime lovers share and discuss the diverse world that make up their hobby, and our uber-gamers constantly push each other in friendly competition and casual meet-ups as they embrace our digitized world.

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