LAN DAY 03 – My Recap – D4RKM47R1X

The scene is set..

The room is silent but for the numerous mouse and keyboard clicks each milliseconds apart. On one side, the room spectates the radiant teams’ 3 players attempt to reap the fruits of their 50mins ordeal and destroy the enemy ancient. On the other side of the room 10 watch as the last 2 survivors complete for glory in a bullet filled free-for-all.

Tension is in the air…

The stakes feel high…

The ancient falls…

The last gunshot sounds…

September 24

19 Katima Mulilo Road


LAN Parties

The ingenious nerd sub culture of LAN parties as we know them now have been around since the 1970s. From then on they’ve only gotten bigger and better. However, gamers all around the world have been practicing their own form of LAN party for as long as the world has known gamers.To some the practice may seem redundant in the era of the online gaming, but nothing can really compare to the physical experience.

Nerd Otaku partnered with Liquid Intelligent Technologies to host the third LAN party of 2022. Having attended the earlier parties, I met many familiar faces. It is a common stereotype that events like comic conventions and LAN parties are for “hardcore gamers/nerd”. There is some truth to the statement but really these events are open to pretty much anyone. On paper, the main allure of the party was that PC games could come together and enjoy the superfast unlimited internet that peaked at around 350mbps, to play games till their fingers hurt. However the event was more fun than that. While the experience is exponentially better if you bring your own PC there is still loads to enjoy for anyone who aren’t able to bring one along.

Whether it’s to download that 100GB DLC or to try that MMO you haven’t been able to play because your network provides is inefficient, Liquid’s amazing internet is available to all attendants during the event.

Check out my video of the event!

The nature of the event attacts people from all over the country (and even some based outside the country) to gather under one roof so theres never a dull moment. One might expect them to be “elitist” or “gatekeepers” who would make “less intense” fans feel uncomfortable. I assure you this is not the case. If anything, the LAN event is one of the best environments to learn how to dive deeper into the world of gaming.

For anyone who couldn’t bring a PC a huge aspect of the event is socializing. The people are so friendly! You could sit next to anyone at random and share some drinks (non alcoholic ofcourse) and have a good time. Just try not to spill anything on the expensive gaming setups.

Photos by Sarah “GreatMonk” Mwendwa

& Abigail “Bambby” Mwelwa

Our next LAN day…

Nov 19, 2022

19 Katima Mulilo Road

08:00 – 18:30

written by

Khoumie "D4RKM47R1X" Mwashingwele

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