Member Spotlight: Dennis "TheKidd" Banda

Many people in our community and within the anime, video game, and nerd culture space know about Dennis-sama, but few people know Dennis. Even less people are aware of his incredible contributions and sacrifices to move the Nerd Otaku community forward in Zambia. Without Dennis “TheKidd” Banda, our community would be smaller, less visible, and not nearly as fun and joyous as it is today!

"I joined Nerd Otaku..can't quite recall but it was way back then lol!"

A passionate Stamford Bridge supporter, Dennis has been involved in the Nerd Otaku community since sometime in 2010, or 2009. He cannot recall exactly which year, but he got involved by joining our facebook group. His passion for all things nerd culture drove him to actively participate in our events and eventually help with planning and organising things like our LsCon, Global Game Jams, and other activities.

Dennis passion for video games inspired him to start the Video Game Podcast, and he has had some incredibly talented people as guests. We highly recommend you have a listen.

We put Dennis on the spot by asking him a couple of rapid fire questions…

Tell us a little more about what you do?

Ugh, my day job is very mundane and boring. It’s more exciting for me to talk about what are my side gigs but what will hopefully become my full-time jobs one day which are writing and architecture.

What is the most exciting part of these side-gigs?

For writing I would say it’s getting to interview new people, getting to pick their brains, and getting to know them on a level that I previously would not have had access to. Also getting private comments and reactions form peers and senpais that I absolutely look up to is always so uplifting.

For architecture it’s seeing my vision come to life in the real world. Something so permanent and beautiful that will be a bastion of memories for years to come, designed by me. That’s… that’s beautiful.

How does an average week look like in the life of Dennis?

Mostly getting up super early coz I work at a high school and leaving work late. Working on Nerd Otaku stuff when I get home (yes, managing Nerd Otaku is almost a full-time job people lol). If I don’t have writing to do or architecture stuff to do or NO stuff to do, then I’ll watch an anime, play a game or watch a film.

My weekends vary, but its mostly playing video games. I recently got back into 11 a side Sunday League Football too so that’s fun.

What is a common myth about your job or the industry you work in?

Admin work in a school is really, really hard lmao. Like it is HECTIC!! Especially during the holidays.

For architecture, I am not so sure what misconceptions people have to be honest.

For writing its about how much work actually goes into coming up with a piece. Articles like the ones I love to do are like a documentary of sorts and take up so much research and editing. I like to critique and not review work, look at how a piece of work resonates with people and culture or vice versa. That is not easy or quick to do.

What’s your favorite colour, and what does that say about you?

Red! Its fiery like me.

Imagine it’s your last meal before intravenous feeding becomes universal law, describe this meal?

Nshima ya pa Nkuni with beans and cabbage!

Top family tradition?

Going to Grannys for Christmas. Love that.

If you could be superhero, would you choose brain or brawn? Why?

Brawn, I already have Brain.

What is your weirdest habit?

I still chew my nails lol. I recently found out its because of my anxiety but it’s a habit I am trying to kick.

What media motivated you the most to become involved in Nerd Culture?

Wow, this is a big one! Its video games. As a kid I was so engrossed in games I actually started designing them in primary school. In like Grade 4 I had my classmates looking up my design documents and stuff, lol Mexen can testify. I knew then that my role in nerd culture was not simply as a consumer but a creator and an evangelist.

What music album pops into your mind first when you are asked about music you like?

Light Grenades by Incubus for Rock and DAMN. By Kendrick Lamar for Hip Hop.

What video game in the past decade has impressed you the most in terms of its narrative? Why?

As a cohesive complete story, I have to go with The Last of Us. I think that Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Walking Dead are stellar but as a linear complete package, The Last of Us knocks it out the park.

If you could live inside an anime world, which anime series or movie would you choose to live in? Why?

I have to pick K-on! Dude, man K-on! Was like my second awakening as an anime fan.

You are given a sixty second slot during half-time of the global feed for the FIFA World Cup 2022. You cannot promote a product or service, what message would you share in this time?


Last question, if you were writing your autobiography, what would the title be?

Creatives are all narcissist but this is a stretch too far even for me lol…you know what, THAT would be my title lol

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Dennis “TheKidd” Banda. Please check out his Podcast and social media!

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