For these past few years, I never knew that our very own Zambian people were selling anime and cosplay related items, from the small details such as the Sasuke eye contact lenses and swords to the large detailed outfits such as the full Luffy cosplay from One Piece until I got to do some deep investigations online and found some local online stores.

I started breaking out of my introverted shell (‘breaking shell’ still in the process by the way), I found out that there were actually vendors that sell anime merchandise (mostly selling Jewellery and t-shirts) at different events. So if you are the type of person that doesn’t trust worldwide shipping from other countries like me, well, this article is for you.

As I have done my research together with the help from friends and other people (thank you so much by the way!) Here are some of the Online and physical stores from which you can shop till you drop!


MXP (abb. For Mrdoitallnalu X Pirisden is an online store based in Lusaka, Zambia run by Piri (Pirisden) who deals with the anime and other entertainment parts of the business with the assistance from Nalu (Mrdoitallnalu) who centers more on electronics and other things.

This store helps in a variety of merch ranging from anime, TV show/movie themed merch and cosplay. They do pre-order and stock readily available merch as well.

In terms of cosplay props, they help supply a wide variety of items from actual wood works, steel works and high quality polyurethane and all at attainable prices and when it comes to cosplay clothing, they help find good quality items based on your budget and are always open to assist with alternatives if the request seems attainable.

Their main aim is simply to make every fan boy or fan girl desired items accessible in any way possible.

MXP will be in attendance at the ANIMEET 2023 with a vendor stall!

Call them on 0955109113

Sassy Pocket Online Store

Sassy Pocket is an online store where they sell assorted cosmetic colour contact lenses like solitica, freshtone, cool series contact lenses including cosplay lenses like the Sharingan and blind lenses for those that like to explore different looks through make up and cosplay.

Apart from that, they also sell beauty products and offer mobile waxing services.

Call them on 0973835755

Ichiban Animerch

Ichuban Animerch is an Online and physical store located in Kamwala town, a suburb of Lusaka, Zambia operated by an individual who is a fan of needlework and design named Mwiza Chitambi, the word ‘Ichiban’ is a Japanese word that which in translated to English means “best/number one”.

This store has clothing designs from your most to least favourite anime, their apparel is self-made and the majority of them are embroidered with delicate details.

They also accept custom orders which can be done within 2-5 days. They are glad to offer you the best distinctive anime clothes in Zambia!

Call them on 0953738717 or send them an email

The Ani-merch Store

The Ani-merch Store is a one-stop-shop for all things Anime! They have a wide variety of anime-themed merchandise, including clothing, accessories, collectibles and more. This store is designed with fans in mind and they pride themselves on providing high-quality products at affordable prices.

When it comes to their clothing, their collection is perfect for fans who want to wear their love for their anime on their sleeve- literally! From t-shirts to hoodies, they have a wide variety of clothing items that feature some of the most iconic anime characters of all time. Whether you’re a fan of Naruto, One Piece or Demon Slayer, they have something for everyone.

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories! Which is why at this store, they have a wide variety of anime-themed accessories to choose from. From phone cases to key chains and backpacks, their accessories are perfect for fans who want to show their love for their favourite anime in a subtle way.

In conclusion, if you are an anime fan looking for the perfect merchandise to show your love for your favourite anime characters, the ani-merch store is the place to be!

Animerch Store will be in attendance at the ANIMEET 2023 with a vendor stall!

Eerie Threads

Eerie Threads is an online store that was founded by Chota Wanchinga that creates mostly graphic t-shirts and hoodies. When he first started the store, his aim was not only about creating the brand, he wanted to find a way to channel his emotions into something positive; he asked himself ‘what if he created a line of clothing that not only made him feel good but made others feel good too?’ and that’s how Eerie Threads came to be.

The stores aim is simply to provide you with clothing that reflects their unique personality, they want you to feel confident and comfortable in their designs. They are constantly experimenting with new ideas, trying out new fabrics and putting their hearts and souls into every creation.

Recently, they have expanded their collection to include posters too. At Eerie Threads, they are not just creating clothes and posters, they are creating a community- a place where you can express yourself and be yourself.

Animerch Store will be in attendance at the ANIMEET 2023 with a vendor stall!
Call them on 0770296106

The Merch Store

The Merch Store is a merchandise based store currently based in Lusaka, Zambia owned by new business owners; Kasongo Chiti with the assistance of his friends Madalitso Banda and Naomi Phiri that is currently focusing on anime products. They offer a variety of products which they will be introducing as time will move on, they will also be looking forward to expand to other cities.

Kasongo deals mostly with the media part of the store, marketing and advertising, customer care and accounting while Naomi and Madalitso deal with the sales and deliveries.

The stores aim is to provide their weebs and otakus with the merchandise from their favourite anime shows and movies.
The motivation and the idea for the store came from Madalisto’s obsession for anime and they figured if the business owners of The Merch Store were to start a business, it would be best if they were to put something that pecks their interest and that is how The Merch Store was born.

Otakus Den

Otakus Den is currently an online based store owned by Mutemba and Kalwani that started with the help of their ‘sister’ store (Instagram page) that’s run by their literal sister.

The store aims to provide a variety of anime related merchandise. Their merchandise is mostly comprised of jewellery and clothing item’s themed around different anime shows and they are slowly starting to enter the cosplay field. They also have posters and so on.

Animerch Store will be in attendance at the ANIMEET 2023 with a vendor stall!
Call them on 0971508208

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is an online business that is owned by Mubanga Chimumbwa that aims to bring out the aesthetically darker side of fashion to this country.

They aim to bring out people’s inner dark sides they usually try so hard to hide. They also supply anime themed merch including jumpers, jackets, t-shirts, select full cosplay outfits, temporary tattoos and select accessories. They function on pre-order based supply.

SuperNova Store

Supernova store is an online store that started in 2020 and is run by Chiti Musesha (also the designer of ‘GhostWolf’ and ‘Anime merch’). The brand was created because the owner loves anime and design.

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