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In an alternate version of the present, Tokyo is struck by a shocking terrorist attack, the only hint to the identity of the culprit is a video they uploaded to the internet predicting the incident. The police are left powerless to stop the paranoia spreading across the population as they search for the criminal master minds behind this tragedy.

Behind the scenes, two peculiar children skillfully carry out their plans. Known only by the names Sphinx 1 and Sphinx 2, they combine to form “Sphinx” an entity moving in the shadows to reveal the secrets of this world and awaken the population to what the people of power have been doing behind their backs.

Terror in resonance tells the story of geniuses that bend the rules of society for the greater good

This is one of my favourite anime of all time and I think it’s time to give it some spotlight. Terror in resonance (Zankyou no Terror) is a detective/investigation type anime with a psychological focus. It makes you question what matters more between the journey and the outcome. In a way that’s lightly similar to Death Note, Terror in resonance tells the story of geniuses that bend the rules of society for the greater good.

“They were weak, that’s why they died. We were weak too, that’s why we couldn’t save them.” - Nine


Warning: there will be some light spoilers

The story is told from multiple perspectives which adds to the mystery and intrigue of the show. The main perspective is that of Nine and Twelve, the two geniuses with a past shrouded in mystery who have launched an attack on the city of Tokyo. We first see the two in episode one when they break into a government facility in order to steal plutonium; and are formally introduced to them later in the episode as they make their way to school on a “scorching summer day” when Twelve finds himself unintentionally saving a girl who was being bullied by her classmates.

“So you know… If you make one false move, I’ll kill you.” - Twelve

Nine and Twelve combine to form “Sphinx” the master terrorists toying with world leaders using riddles and wit. Though we initially know nothing about the two, we get to learn more about them and their motive as the story unfolds. The reason why Nine dreams of a young child in a burning field, why they are going after the government and why they are all alone. Their enthralling story is brought to life as they battle against world powers in order to claim the justice they feel they deserve after everything they have been through.


A young high school student who gets tangled with Sphinx when Twelve – somewhat unintentionally – comes to her aid as she is being bullied by her classmates. Lisa is shown to be the daughter of an obsessive mother who continuously wants her around and wishes to know everything she is doing when she leaves the house. The psychological hardships she undergoes trying to please her mother drive Lisa to feel suffocated at home in addition to her being an outcast at school. These experiences, have left her with a distaste for humanity and a wish that the world would simply disappear.

Lisa is quite a shy and reserved girl seen to be uncomfortable around people. Despite this she finds herself drawn into the world of Sphinx when she gets lost in a building. She encounters Twelve who rather than help her out of the building leaves her with “Kururin” and runs off after making her promise not to let go if it until he says so. Soon after, as sections of the building begin to go up in flames, Lisa receives a call from Nine asking her if she is ready to seal her fate.


The next character we get to see play a key role in the story is Shibasaki. A former detective who after getting too involved in a case has been thrown to the archives department and now spends his days playing Shogi, doing crosswords and managing the archives of the police department. This former Ace of the department is called back to the front line for his keen intelligence which proves a valuable asset as they investigate the terrorist group Sphinx.

“I don’t know if this is a game or a joke to you, but don’t get carried away with your child’s play.” - Shibazaki


Finally, we have Five. Having been the sole survivor of the fire that burned down the institute Nine and Twelve were raised in, Five steps forward to challenge Sphinx. Though she had initially tried to run away as well, she was unsuccessful and re-institutionalized.

Five is shown to have an obsession with Nine. An obsession that draws her to challenge his intelligence in any way she can. She is so driven by this that she knowingly endangers innocent people, seeing them as pawns towards her goals. She is a genius ready to turn even an airport into a chessboard on which to hold her match against Nine.


The world of these intriguing characters is brought to life by their enthralling storyline and the vibrant animation style of MAPPA’s artists. Directed by Shinichirō Watanabe, known for his work on Cowboy Bebop: the movie; the story flows at a good pace managing not to give too much away, while keeping viewers on the edge of their seats for what will come next. The show’s opening theme is “Trigger” an indie rock, electronica mix whose lyrics tie in well with the story of the show. It is performed by Yuuki Ozaki former member of the Japanese rock band Galileo Galilei, best known for performing the opening theme songs of the anime “Haikyuu!!” and “Anohana”.

All in all, this show is a great binge especially for those who enjoy detective and psychological thriller themes. It will have you longing for more.

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