October 23, 2021

13 Manenekela Rd

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What is Cosplay?

While there is no set in stone definition, the word ‘Cosplay’ usually refers to the act of dressing in a costume to recreate the appearance of a character from a work of fiction. Popular forms of cosplay involve donning the outfit of popular anime, video game, or comic book characters.

Many cosplayers create their own costumes by sewing clothing, crafting armor and props from a number of materials. Others choose to buy ready made costumes from retailers specializing in cosplay, or commission the work of tailors or other cosplay hobbyists.

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Food & Drinks







Registration is Closed

Only Ticket Holders will be Admitted

K50/ticket – Payment Deadline Oct 16 @ 17hrs

Nerd Otaku will contact you with payment details after you register via the form below. Please note attendance is free for Cosplay participants who display reasonable effort in their costumes. “Reasonable effort” is at the discretion of Nerd Otaku staff members and will be decided at the gate. Those who are deemed as participants will be refunded their ticket fee in cash.

Cosplay Judges

Alphie Chikwashi

Artist & fashion aficionado with a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design, love of Supergiant Games, Shakespeare Sundays, and an aspiring Zac Posen

Miles Kasanda

C.E.O and creative director at MK72, cinematography and costume designer enthusiast, with a soul of a rapper.

Vanessa Nduli Ilunga

CEO and Founder of Zoar Fashion House, Bibliophile and self proclaimed member of the Survey Corps.

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