Member Spotlight: "Lo the Stan"

The first thing you should know about Lo the Stan is that she is likely the most genuine nerd you will ever meet. A horror movie connoisseur, she is a core member of Higai Majo, a group of ladies devoted to anime, gaming, comic books or anything nerdy. If any girls wanna join they can reach out.

She claims to not be a gamer, but she can often be found with her Nintendo Switch playing Stardew Valley.

A Star Trek: TNG nut, her love for all things sci-fi was developed as she watched the series with her dad. Her love for all things nerdy is only surpassed by her love for baking. Being into nerd culture for as long as she can remember she has been active in the Zambian nerd community for almost a decade now. She claims to not be a gamer, but she can often be found with her Nintendo Switch playing Stardew Valley. Lo is passionate about mental health and women’s issues, she loves helping and listening to people and definitely qualifies as a social justice warrior.

These rapid fire questions will help you learn more about Lo the Stan…

How does an average week look like in the life of Lo the Stan?

Really busy swamped with stuff I have to get done ending with me staying in bed all weekend getting lost on my animal crossing island, binging an anime or a bunch of horror movies.

If you were an ice-cream flavour, what flavour would you be and why?

Chocolate with gooey vanilla toffee chunks. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m black, squishy and smell like vanilla most of the time.

You are assigned to the International Space Station for 6 months with no internet access. You can only take one TV series with, which one do you choose?

Does anime count? If it does Junjou Romantica, I know it’s a little problematic but it’s still one of the first Yaoi shows I ever saw and it lit a fire for BL that is unquenchable.

If Anime doesn’t count, maybe Star Trek, the next generation. I know it’s a space show but it has everything and I had a crush on Jean Luc growing up.

Top family tradition?

Watching Australian Masterchef and having our faves lose every season, like if we root for someone they just never win. The judges just don’t have taste if you ask me.

If you could only keep a single social media platform, which one would you choose?

YouTube, is it counted as social media? I don’t know but there are just so many talented and interesting people there making great content on YouTube. The comments section is also really entertaining. If it doesn’t count I guess I’d say WhatsApp. It’s fine if you just have non toxic people.

Would you rather have 10 extra hours added to each of your days permanently, or have all the money in the world but have 5 hours removed from your days permanently?

10 extra hours sounds good until capitalism makes us work more hours a day and we are back at square one with even more work and the same measly amount of free time as before. So I guess I’ll take the money. Time is an illusion anyway like I can barely account for 5 hours of my day even now.

If you had to write a book tomorrow, what would you write about?

Probably a war fantasy epic with lots of smut and lgbtqia couples because those are always the most entertaining to me.

What’s the most fun weapon you’ve ever used in a game? Why?

I’m a fan of hack and slash so I definitely enjoyed hacking and slashing as Nariko in heavenly sword. That sword felt like it was so OP. I’m not a huge gamer though but a close second is the chainsaw gun thing in gears of war.

Would you rather fight Spiderman or Batman?

Spiderman because he’d probably let me hit him and swing away because I’m not that strong. Batman would definitely knock me out and leave me with brain damage.

If you had the power to permanently remove a single vice or evil in the world, what would it be?

Bigotry, I was gonna say capitalism but the fact people die everyday over stupid shit like how they pray, who they date or their gender just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s the source of a lot of systemic issues.

You are an actress, what role would you like to play most? Why?

Definitely an evil overpowered witch defeated by the power of friendship.

In your own words, what does the phrase “nerd culture” mean to you?

In my opinion nerd culture means anything that has a huge fandom obsessed with it. Similar to the principle of being an Otaku. Like if you’re obsessed with math and know a bunch of info on it you’re a math nerd deep in the culture. Same as someone into anime. It’s just a blanket term to describe enthusiasts of different pastimes. I don’t know that’s just how I see it. There are too many genres of nerd culture to put it in a box.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Lo the Stan. Please check out her YouTube channel and social media!

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