LAN Party 02 with Liquid Intelligent Technologies - Mini Review

The event was held at BongoHive and was sponsored by Liquid Intelligent Technologies. Our gamers got a chance to experience the incredible speeds offered on Liquid internet! These meets between fellow nerds allow us to share our passion for video games and partially sated our desire for companionship, camaraderie, and community. We also welcomed new otaku’s into the fold and hopefully showed them that we are an open and inclusive community where there is room for anyone to be themselves.

July 16, 2022

19 Katima Mulilo Road


How was Liquid's internet?

As we have come to expect updates didn’t take hours, it didn’t take minutes, it took SECONDS! Latency to South African gaming servers was a solid 20-25ms with very rare fluctuations into the 30ms. It is always a dream to play on their network and it felt like we were playing local lan rather than on a server 1800km away. Some of our gamers tried the connection to EU for Apex Legends and were also impressed by the stable ping which allowed them to feel competitive.


Supported platforms for free downloads

Unlimited Downloads

The Liquid Gaming Bundle gives you unlimited data to selected gaming platforms between 22hrs – 06hrs. NerdOtaku Community gamers have experienced the fastest and most reliable download speeds on Liquid’s LTE and Fibre networks.

Dual Bundle Operation

The Liquid Gaming Bundle can be activated on a Liquid SIM which has another bundle already active. All downloads made from the selected platforms while the gaming bundle is active will be counted towards the Gaming Bundle Quota (unlimited between 22hrs – 06hrs)

Low Latency Gaming

The Liquid Gaming Bundle gives you exceptional low latency access to your preferred gaming platform, and unlimited data to selected platforms between 22hrs – 06hrs. For low latency gaming, Liquid’s network has our endorsement as the premier option.

What is a LAN Party?

A LAN Party is similar to a normal party except that it involves hauling your gaming laptop or desktop to space where friends and nerds have gathered to connect their computers together so they can play games to their hearts’ content! LAN Parties were the true birthplace of eSports and often result in our gamers becoming quite competitive as they try to best each other in a selection of their favourite multiplayer games. Although we are competitive, our LAN Parties are casual by design and we welcome new players and often sacrifice our own game time in order to include and guide them into our world.

Our Next LAN Party – July 16

Taken by Olga Rodon Shinondo

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