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What is a LAN?

Before we dive into this plethora of a written content one could ask what a LAN party is. You have an internet connection, GOOGLE IT. Jokes aside, a LAN party is a gathering of people with computers and/or gaming consoles where a local area network connection can be established. This enables the devices to communicate with each other directly, allowing players to play with crazy low latency because they don’t need to connect to some server in EU or somewhere far far away. The Nerd Otaku LAN Party, which was sponsored by Liquid, was a hybrid LAN party since we were hard carried by the Liquid’s crazy fast fibre network, which allowed players to connect to South African servers as if they were in South Africa with consistent 20ms ping. And gamers can celebrate because Liquid has a gaming specific bundle which gives you access to unlimited downloads of your favourite games from the following supported platforms!


Supported platforms for free downloads

Unlimited Downloads

The Liquid Gaming Bundle gives you unlimited data to selected gaming platforms between 22hrs – 06hrs. NerdOtaku Community gamers have experienced the fastest and most reliable download speeds on Liquid’s LTE and Fibre networks.

Dual Bundle Operation

The Liquid Gaming Bundle can be activated on a Liquid SIM which has another bundle already active. All downloads made from the selected platforms while the gaming bundle is active will be counted towards the Gaming Bundle Quota (unlimited between 22hrs – 06hrs)

Low Latency Gaming

The Liquid Gaming Bundle gives you exceptional low latency access to your preferred gaming platform, and unlimited data to selected platforms between 22hrs – 06hrs. For low latency gaming, Liquid’s network has our endorsement as the premier option.

July 16, 2022

19 Katima Mulilo Road


The LAN…

This was one of the most therapeutic gatherings I’ve been all year, seeing people be happy and open with themselves and everyone else just gave a sense of comfort almost as though they were home and being there to feel all the adrenaline and excitement first hand made it all the more invigorating! Of-course getting there I was a little anxious and on edge but all the hospitality and warmth from all the colorful personalities made all the negatives blow away like dust in a gust of wind, or like the dust I left them in when I dominated at Tekken.

One thing I can say for sure is I had a ginormous amount of fun, from the traditional fighting games to the lore filled multiplayer RPG circling back to the classic side scrollers a fps games I had a grand time expressing my peak interests and exploring everyone else’s passions as well. Having being around so many interests gave me the opportunity to look around an see what else the gaming world had to offer other than the 11 year old Skyrim and BMG’s most recent hiccup “Brawlhalla”, I was open to some of the best childhood memories I could fathom and the most exciting new games I couldn’t even imagine, I mean… who knew JOJO’s Bizarre adventures had a game, like AN ACTUAL GAME, you did? Oh, okay I guess I just live under a rock then. Beyond the epic team dynamics in DOTA and the clutch no scope kills in COD I had a marvelous chance at meeting a lot of new and incredible people who were extremely easy to commune with, almost as though they were just as lonely as me.

Oh did I mention how cool everyone’s gaming setups were? No? well that’s cause I was having too much of a good time being a nerd and talking about marvel comics and the new sandman series that everyone should totally watch because the diversity of the episodes correspond with the diversity of interests in the room. Each table had its own little story, the one I was sat at had Dio shouting “THE WORLD” in Japanese “engrish” over and over and we did not get sick of it omg take me back right flipping now!

All in all I found that I had a fantastic time at the Lan party and would recommend it to anyone and everyone with an interest in anything gaming or just nerdy related, it’s a great place to make all sorts of new friends and feel at home with your online interests ranging from Pacman to Bayonneta and everything in between. And not to mention internet speeds that break the sound barrier lmao.

Photos by Sarah “GreatMonk” Mwendwa

& Abigail “Bambby” Mwelwa

Our next LAN day…

Nov 19, 2022

19 Katima Mulilo Road

08:00 – 18:30

written by

Titus "El Mojan" Mwandemena

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