Tendai's Recap of Japan Day 2020

Hey everyone its Tendai. Every year the Japanese Embassy hosts an event where you can experience a slice of Japanese culture. Of course I  had to be there and here is a snippet of the day.

(おりがみ/折り紙) ORIGAMI

In this stand you could witness the making of paper origami. Origami is the art of paper folding and not only am I an expert in folding a crane, but I also got to teach a few people how to.

(着物/きもの) 👘KIMONO

At  this station you could try on a kimono or a yukata to take pictures with. I got a chance to take a picture in a kimono with a Katana (Sanji-san would be proud) . I think I looked really cool in it if I do say so myself.

(おさけ/お酒🍶) OSAKE

At this table you could taste a shot of Japanese alcohol called Osake. Personally I think it is like white wine a little different but still enjoyable. It goes down smoothly and  it has a sweet refreshing taste. Just try not to have too much lol.

Kanpai !かんぱい! ✨🍻



 At the event Nerd Otaku also had a table where they were selling figurines and keychains.I got a keychain or two of my favourite animes Yuri!! on ice (ユリ!!on ice)and Osomatsu-San (おそ松さん)



There were some publications that were being given out for free and one of them was about Japanese Gardens. I did enjoy reading these publication and I will be using it as a reference in my comic in the future and I appreciate the free giveaway.



12/10 would still go. I had loads of fun at this event and I appreciate the Japanese Embassy and Nerd Otaku for  facilitating it. I hope to see everyone there again next year 💛

じゃあまたね。🙋💛 see you all soon 💛



All images are borrowed from the Japanese Embassy’s Facebook page.

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