Dragon Ball Super Hero Launch Recap – by Mali-Chan

The Prep

On Saturday the 20th of August, I had the joy of attending the special premiere of the Dragon Ball Super Hero movie. Knowing well in advance that this movie was hitting our theatres around this time, I found myself counting down the days till the 20th until the day finally came.

Donned in my favourite Goku T-shirt, I made my way to the cinema. I was immediately greeted by the sight of other anime/ Dragon Ball fans standing in the vicinity of the cinema, having little discussions as they waited for 2PM which is when the movie would start. There were people of all ages which was nice to see. And everyone, regardless of age, seemed equally excited to watch the movie.

August 20

Ster Kinekor

Manda Hill

The Movie

At 2PM, we all were led into the cinema and it was finally time to watch the movie. I can definitely tell you that the movie did not disappoint. It had its funny moments, which had everyone laughing out loud, It had its cute moments which usually caused the cinema to let out an “Aww” in unison, and then there were the extremely hype, typical ‘Dragon ball moments’ which usually involved a super cool transformation or a very well choreographed fight scene which had everyone in the cinema absolutely SCREAMING at how cool whatever was happening on screen was. All in all, it’s safe to say that everyone seemingly definitely enjoyed the movie as much as I did.


Following the end of the movie, we were treated to some footage of Zeno Robinson (English Voice of the extremely cool and lovable “Gamma 2”) thanking the Zambian anime community for taking interest in the film. We were also treated to a QnA where Zeno also answered some of our questions including one that as a young, black creative myself, hit home for me and I definitely took them to heart!

Following that, we were all ushered to the station where the games were set up. Most people already knew Dragon Ball FighterZ would be present but people absolutely lost their minds when they heard that one of the older Budokai games was available to play as well. A lot of us played these games as children so it was such a nice surprise.

Everyone else that wasn’t playing the games found themselves mingling with the other fans or doing iconic Dragon ball poses (like the Ginyu force formation) for the camera.

All in all, the entire experience was so much fun! Watching the movie itself was great but being around other fans made the experience even better.

written by

Malindi “Mali-Chan” Chipenzi

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