Buddy Daddies – Brief Review by Mizz Rai

This show focuses on a make shift family comprising of two contract killers and a little girl. I know what some of you are thinking… Anya? but hang on to your waku waku’s for now. Though the plot sounds similar the execution is completely different. Buddy Daddies, tells the story two assassins for hire, Kurusu Kazuki and Suwa Rei, as they go through life and try to get their jobs done while also caring for Unasaka Miri, a ‘stray’ they happened to pick up after a job.

Unlike ‘Spy x Family’ which has Forger Anya, as it’s lead and main focus for most of the story’s developments, Unasaka Miri seems to be more of a supporting character. Buddy Daddies mainly follows Kazuki, with it starting the story from his perspective as well as introducing other characters, such as Rei, Miri and Kyu-chan, to us through him. Now that’s not to say he’s in every frame but majority of the show so far is him trying to find someone to take Miri, while still keeping up with his work as an assassin with Rei.


Kazuki is a fun loving and sociable person who is good at interacting with others. Thanks to his sociable nature he is quite adept at getting close to others and extracting information from them. He handles infiltration in their partnership and can be seen dawning multiple disguises when needed. One thing we know about him is that he likes kids and wanted one of his own but doesn’t think it’s practical in his line of work. However he may feel, he willingly takes in Miri who instantly takes a liking to him and readily calls him “Papa” refusing to leave his side.


Rei is a typical shut-in who chooses to stay home allday playing video games rather than leave the house. He is calm, quiet and sluggish, but quick to the draw once on the job. Unlike Kazuki who handles infiltration, Rei is a trained killer and makes quick work of his targets. Going through the front door loaded and aimed is his plan A. Through some childhood flashbacks we can assume Rei went through a Zoldyck-like upbringing filled with harsh training to become the killing machine he is today. However, he does hide a soft side and seems to have repeatedly brought stray animals home, much to Kazuki’s dismay. He is also quite soft towards Miri, though he doesn’t know how to treat her at first and refuses to be left with her, he eventually starts to warm up to her.

Unasaka Miri

Our disruptor of plans Unasaka Miri. She is a four year old. That alone says a lot about her energy levels, attention span and ability to read the room. Being the love child of a mafia boss and nightclub singer, she never knew her father and lived with her mother until the day she was put on a train with a letter and told where to find her father. By the power of TV logic she makes her way to the hotel her father should be at but gets caught in the crossfire during Kazuki and Rei’s mission, with the latter nearly shooting her to get to his target. In the end Kazuki decides to take her with him until they can find her actual father.

For my thoughts on the show so far, I’d say it has a lot of light hearted scenes. From Kazuki pausing a hostage interrogation to scold Rei for not noticing Miri was sick, to Rei sulking over Kazuki bringing home a child when he wasn’t allowed to keep a kitten. Amidst all this there is some light violence and thought provoking scenes that I hope the show will build up on later. Action fans can look forward to more car chases and gun fights, but the show at it’s core is also a comedy so it’s unlikely to get too graphic.

All in all Buddy Daddies, has a lot of potential and how well the show does will really depend on how they execute it. With episode 3 out the prequel telling us how the main cast came to be under one roof should be done, so where shall the story go from here? and what trials shall they face? We wait and see. I for one really hope they do justice to the characters backstories and don’t abandon all the foreshadowing they’ve done. So far we have seen eerie flashbacks from Rei’s childhood and Kazuki saddening whenever he recalls a mysterious woman. I for one want to know what that’s all about, so I shall be staying tuned for what’s to come.

Taurai "Mizz_Rai" Chikumbu

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