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So one day, Hardus (an active Nerd Otaku member) invited my friends and I to a board game party hosted by Nerd Otaku, set to happen on the 30th July 2022. We were excited of course, we do these board game get-togethers often and this would be a good chance to play the games we love, meet more people who were as interested in board games as we are, and learn some new games! And the cherry on top was that there was also the promise of food made by the friendly people at Zest Bar & Restaurant.

The ‘partay’…

We had so much fun! We started the ‘partay’ with a slow, tutorial round of Resistance. But what is that you ask? Well, Resistance is a role-playing ‘deduction’ card-based party game with secret identities. The game’s plot revolves around a conflict between Government forces and Resistance organizations, and players are either members of the Resistance attempting to overthrow an evil government, or Spies trying to hinder the Resistance (again no one knows who anyone is, apart from the Spies because that’s just how it is). The Resistance wins the game if three Missions are completed successfully; the Spies win if three Missions fail.

It was a great icebreaker and it also sealed the fates of the alliances and oppositions we made for the day. [Yes Shawn, I’m looking at you]

After losing trust and breaking hearts, we then moved on to the famous 30 Seconds (SA version) which is a fast-paced charades-like general knowledge board game. It is plates with two or more teams with at least two players, every round, one player chooses a card, and they have 30 seconds to describe the five things, persons, or locations listed on it without revealing the card or mentioning any of the names to their team mate. The more items your team mate guesses correctly the more points your team gets to move across the board. The first team to reach the finish line wins.

It was a great game and we learned a few things about who knows what and what was what, this game really makes you wonder if you live under a rock or something, so “a lot” of us didn’t know what was going on half the time. And then there was people like me… like how do you even describe “Liquifruit” yes I’m talking about the juice (facepalm).

But if we are being honest that game went on way too long but congratulations to the winning team of course. Whoever you are 😉 😉 😉 Anyway! It was a great day, filled with good laughs, with good friends, eating good food, playing games (love).

And a big kudos for the lovely venue – Zest Bar & Restaurant, which had just the perfect atmosphere for a game day out, the trees, the fresh breeze, the decor, just beautiful! I mean if you want an insta-magnet then you should definitely check out the graffiti wall stareyes.

So if you didn’t attend this board game party, don’t worry just make sure you attend the next one, which is coming up on October 8th, same place same time!

Our next board game event…

July 30, 2022


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