We are a diverse group of people who come together to watch and celebrate anime, hang out, and play a game or two. We are looking for people that are interested in gaming, anime, cosplay, and all things geek. Whether you are already a hardcore anime fan or just a curious passer-by, come join us and be a part of the largest anime community in Zambia!

Video Games

Playing video games with friends and family is an activity we cherish and encourage. Nothing beats the joy of learning to lead your team to victory through leadership and teamwork, performing together to solve problems, and having loads of fun in the process!
Join our family to get connected and learn more about our world…

We organize some epic events all over Zambia. Our events are possible due to the great relationships we have with technology companies in Zambia, and we thank them for their continued support!

Wish to improve your gaming, or simply play with friends? The best way is to join one of our gaming clans where you can participate in online skirmishes as part of a competitive or casual team. Join our Discord to learn more!

Have a project that requires intimate knowledge of the gaming and technology universe? Talk to us, we are geeks and love helping companies and organizations connect with fans!

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Event Coming Soon

The Bridge - July 5th @ 11hrs

This Sunday on #TheBridgeZM at 11am live! we have TWO Special Guests and a great roster of games for you to enjoy.

Renowned Photographer Namukolo from📸 Eness Photography 📸 graces us with her presence to play #TellTaleGames folklore based adventure game #TheWolfAmongUs 🧝‍♂️.

The multi talented Chuck Van Dusty Is taking us on a trip down memory lane by playing the arcade Hip Hop brawler Def Jam: Fight For N.Y. 😎

The Bridge airs every Sunday at 11hrs live on Nerd Otaku Facebook. Replays can also we watched on Nerd Otaku Youtube.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @NerDOtakUzm and Instagram @nerdotaku.zm

Shout out to Liquid Telecom Zambia! #ZambianGaming #staysafe #streaming

If you want to be a streamer email us on info@NerDOtakU.org.

Our Latest Post

FX-Audio DAC-X6 Review

This is my personal review of the DAC-X6. I have been contemplating buying a DAC (Digital Analogue Converter)/Headphone amplifier for years, but it always felt like an audiophile excess. However, as I started dabbling in things like headphone EQ settings with Peace Equalizer and Headphone EarPad upgrades, I noticed tiny gains in audio quality and my...

Anime & Hip Hop

Did y'all know Kanye referenced Akira in the stronger music video? No? Well he's not the only weeb rapper. Let me elaborate. The correlation between hip hop and anime is such a subtle tie that it goes unnoticed, hip hop loves anime and anime loves hip hop, from references in songs to anime based music videos to anime with clear inspiration from hip hop,...

The Best Gateway Anime

 Gateway Anime a term used to describe anime that when watched has introduced people to a passionate love for this specific niche media form. As it grows more mainstream that is enters more o the public eye a new generation of potential anime fans are now looking into anime as a pastime/hobby/recreation activity. Especially during the 2020 period of...

Review – The Last of Us Part 2 by Shaahid Seedat

In the world of The Last of Us Part 2, years after the ‘Outbreak Day’ in 2013, humans are way past the status of surviving an apocalypse. They are actually thriving, building communities and having families. The undead are just another part of their world. A kid brought up in this world probably has killed the undead before they lose their virginities.

Zambian Comics on Webtoon

 Hi everyone, Jordan here. When one asks about comics in Zambia the most common point will be the newspaper caricature cartoons found that highlight people or notable events that occurred and are trending. If one is looking for stories to excite and enthrall one has to either have a friend that is interested in the medium or see it out for oneself....

PS5 Reveal Recap

It was so nice to see so many people tune in live for the event and seeing so much excitement about gaming during the Sony's reveal even if it was so late. I was super excited too of course and for the most part I really liked the event. Solid 8/10, a lot of the games shown were super interesting to me, despite some of the weird stuff in the middle. Now...

Japan Day 2020 Recap

Hey everyone its Tendai. Every year the Japanese Embassy hosts an event where you can experience a slice of Japanese culture. Of course I  had to be there and here is a snippet of the day.In this stand you could witness the making of paper origami. Origami is the art of paper folding and not only am I an expert in folding a crane, but I also got to teach a...

Top 20 Anime of the Decade

Editors Note: This list is based completely off of my personal preferences including the ranking. If a show doesn’t appear on this list I probably never saw it or didn’t like it.  Directed by the often overlooked and underappreciated auteur of the anime scene Kenji Nakamura who has helmed shows like Tsuritama, C for Control and Mononoke. Nakamura has...

LsCon 2019 Recap

Heya everyone! Here is a little recap from me, Kidd (one of the organisers) on what was at the 5th iteration of Lusaka Comic Con which was held at NASDEC this year. The decision to switch to a bigger venue turned out to be an enlightened one as this year had the highest number of attendees and fun stuff to do. The artist alley and vending areas were packed...

E3 2019 Highlights

Its my favourite time of the year and it is my yearly tradition to always take note of the announcements that got me the most excited and will most likely have a great impact on the future of the games industry. So here is my list of the highlights of this years E3!

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We are the largest gaming and anime group in Zambia. Our focus is promoting the video game, technology, anime, and related communities through online and physical events. People of all backgrounds, flavours, and shapes are welcome to become part of us. Join our family as we explore the gaming and anime universe.



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